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Scandinavian Tour Ahead

As you can see on our Patsy Live page, it's only a mere week until the boyz will tour Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and most performances are sold out or nearly sold out by now. There are some nice announcements to be found, one of those (from the venue in Arhus, Denmark) is quoted below:

The Dubliners - now with a new member: the Irish singer with the wonderful voice, Patsy Watchorn. [...] Since the late 60s, Patsy's unique voice could be heard on albums, festivals, concerts, tv and radio worldwide, and through the years he has become one of Ireland's most loved voices. - So what is more natural than mix one of Irelands greatest voices with one of the most legendary groups in the world - The Dubliners.

We'd like to thank Terje ye for the translation; Terje runs a terrific Dubliners website you really should visit!
And to keep everybody informed here, we are looking for folks who find the time to email us a pic or two of any show you attend to - we will give you credit, of course!
Full Show Announcement (Danish)

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