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Dubliners: Strib, Denmark - April 22, 2006 (1)

Tilman Virgin of the Folk Consortium is the first one to send a report from the current tour, and what great stuff he sent in! They travelled 300km from Hamburg to Middelfart, as he said, 'surely it was worth it'! Seems in Denmark, they celebrate the craic a bit like they do back in Ireland, but read yourself what he wrote:

The Danes, here the G.U.F., what means "good entertaining folkmusic" organize things in a different way. The "Stribhallen" is a room originally built for sport events. They have not only chairs as we know from Germany but tables the length of the room and the people may drink and smoke during the concert. And they did!

The boys were in great form, they really seemed to enjoy the first gig in Denmark for quite a while. Specially Patsy did a great job not only singing his songs and entertaining the crowd, but also playing bodhran and bones, adding a very special rhythm to the instrumentals. Honestly: I didn't expect a singer to play such a fine bodhran!

Sean gave us great pleasure singing "Cill Chais" and the fantastic "Sick Note". Beeing in Denmark I missed the German-English introduction a little bit. Well, since I met Sean and Sick-Note writer Pat Cooksey in the Hamburger "Fabrik" I wonder which of them started this language-mixing, they are both very good at it.

Barney was a highlight as he often is, joking about himself "This song is very easy, that's why I can sing it" (Heave Away), "It is an irish solo - two of us play the solo, we play 'the old house' maybe or ... or .... whatever I can remember, hope we play the same."
(You see: That's why I always long for news about Jim McCann's book!)

We too agreed, that the sound was much better than in Lübeck, despite of the fact this was a sport room and no concert hall. But obviously the technical team knew their work.

Also, many thanks to Tilman for the great photos he sent! You can find more Strib shots in our 2006 picture gallery!

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