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Dubliners: Malmo, Sweden - April 28, 2006

Sydsvenskan, a newspaper from Sweden, ran a review by Alexander Agrell of the Malmo gig. For everybody reading Swedish, there is a link below, but for the rest of us, Per Jappée was so nice to let us know what it says: It starts by commenting that, 'They filled the concert hall with pub mood. The Dubliners create contact with the public without using big finesses.', and went on to say that 'they are like old friends, though you haven't looked them into the white of their eyes.' There is some space devoted to Patsy as he's with the Dubs for the first time in Sweden and how nice his voice blends with Séan Cannon's voice. They seem to have a swedish tune ready when they play in Sweden which is called "Gårdebylåten". There is a small list of 'classics' played that night: Black Velvet Band, The Leaving Of Liverpool, All For Me Grog, Dirty Old Town, Whisky In The Jar, Seven Drunken Nights, The Wild Rover and Molly Malone. Finally, everybody understanding Swedish should check the bottom of the original title and find out what a lady in the audience called 'em...
The full review in Swedish

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