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Dubliners: Drammen, Norway - April 24, 2006 (2)

The 'Drammens Tidende' reported about the first of the Drammens gigs; for all Norwegian visitors, there is a link to the full review at the bottom of this news, but courtesy to Per Jappée, we can supply you with English translations as well. The review starts off with some good-hearted teasing about the ever-greying hairs and what not, but then goes down to it seriously and says among other things:

Though the age is against them, the Irish veterans surely stood up and delivered yesterday. Nearly 2 and a half hours with traditionals seemed to please the Drammen audience very much. [...] The only thing I really missed on this entertaining concert, where the band blended in instrumental jigs and reels to break up the traditional Irish songs, where the rawer drinking songs. The Dubliners have many of those, that have inspired The Pogues a lot. Rightfully, we got Whiskey... and I`m a rover (sic.) to the end, before the very last Dirty Old Town. But the audience was obviously very pleased, and I`m really impressed by their good humor and what a show the Dubliners still can deliver. Mandolin-duet(s), instrumental numbers on fiddle and tin whistle and alive hand drum, very virtuoso banjo playing, and even "Norwegian Wedding March" did we get between the classics. As for instance "I wish I was back in Liverpool (sic), The Galway races (sic), A Nation Once Again and The Spanish Lady. Although the personalities are constantly changing, the Dubliners continues to make it swing and cheer with their Irish music as if they just started yesterday. [...] No one knows them or does them better than The Dubliners. Keep on going!

Full Drammen review in Norwegian

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