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Dubliners: Tønsberg, Norway - April 25, 2006 (2)

'Icons from Ireland', titles Terje S. Knutsen in his article for the Tønsberg Blad and continues to write about the gig:

The bearded young men started singing about love, life, friendship and drunkenness in a pub in Dublin 1962. [...] And nearly a whole life later they still awake enthusiasm with their rough style and warm humour [...] In that sence it`s symptomatic that the band and the audience paid tribute to "Bjørn" who celebrated his 60th birthday at the concert last night, even though the Dubliners all the time have attracted new generations of fans. A rough tourlife have consumed a lot of the crew, so of the originals are only Barney McKenna and John Sheahan back ( "we have got some new ones, that is, they are used" as they explained) The "new" ones have blended in well, and in the audience was cooking with cheering, stamping and clapping between the songs, almost too much. "That's enough", said the boss, for to be able to introduce the next number.

Read the full review in Norwegian at the link below where you also find a beautiful shot. Thanks to Per Jappée for the translation!

Full Tønsberg review in Norwegian

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