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Dubliners In FlorÝ 2006

We have more info about the June 16 gig in Norway, thanks to our friend Per who translated the announcement found on the Rockeklubben website:

The world's most legendary Irish band will visit us again. These boys have been here before so we know what we will get. In fact the most beloved and famous irish traditional music there is. This is music we have heard in numerous versions before, but the difference is that we will have the originals on stage. They will visit cities all over Europe this summer and the tour is called "It's too late to stop now tour". That should explain that these guys will never quit. Expect nostalgia and warm humour.

And Aina Tonheim of the local tourist board informed us:

It starts at 21:00. You have to order tickets in advance to be sure to get 'em. You should also order a place to stay now, because this weekend is a festival from Thursday to Saturday. On Friday we have the world's biggest herring table; the food and drinks are for free.

See our Patsy live page and also check out the tourist board website:
Vestkysten Reiseliv AS

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