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Report: Roermond, Netherlands, October 2, 2005 (2)

We continue with the second and last part of Luuk Lenders report from Roermond back in October 2005. We enclose two backstage shots from Oct. 2nd, which you can check out larger sized in our gallery. But let's hear what Luuk has to say:
The people sang enthusiasticaly along, it was great. And Eamonn...: a great, energetic guitar-player with a great feeling for the songs and improvisation in the instrumentals. They are all great individualists, but it is also a close group, and that the people feel too. The evening ended with the Irish Rover sung by Patsy, and the people were enthusiastic and wanted more and more. Finally, the Dubliners ended with Molly Mallone, the beautiful song of Cockles and Mussels. After the concert a nice pint, and buying beautiful CD's of the Dubliners, Luke or Patsy... I had a chat with the Dubliners, and they have signed my cd's. Before I went home,
I played 'Among Friends' for John on my whistle, that was a wish of mine. He liked my version of his composition, which made me very happy. And after still a pint or two, and a song of Barney: 'I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day', I was going home, with a great feeling. Keep it on, your great playing and entertainment! I hope to see you again very soon!

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