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The Dubliners At RTÉ's Radio 1

On June 29, 2006, The Dubliners appeared at the Tonight With Vincent Browne radio program on RTÉ Radio 1. It was the season finale so it was party night - it went out live from the The Forty Foot Bar in Dun Laoghaire. John read the poem he wrote about Luke Kelly for his 21st anniversary last year and Patsy sang The Red Haired Minstrel Boy. John had a few words with Vincent about Luke Kelly (like being asked when John first heard Luke sing) and was joined by Michael Howard on guitar to play a Hornpipe that Michael composed. Later in the programme, John, Barney and Micheal played the Marino Waltz, John gave a nice plug to the upcoming Irish tour. They finished off the show with Patsy singing The Ferryman, Vincent Browne and all his other guests including Derek Davis, a long time friend of Patsy's (thanks For The Fishing Tips), sang along.
Listen to the show now! (RealPlayer required)

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