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Fusion Of Trad & Folk: Monto

We rarely do this (actually, we never did it) but since the man himself has asked us, we gladly obey: Patsy heard MONTO, a new band of four young lads, last week in Hollystown and was very impressed by them and enjoyed their performance. They just have their debut single out. Patsy reckons they will be huge, especially in the USA. Monto played last Friday at the 70.000 audience Oxygen festival. Their press release mentions both him and his idol, so he looked at them with a benevolent eye from the start:

Luke Kelly and the Dubliners, Patsy Watchorn and his Ramblers, The Clancy Brothers, out of countless talents in every generation only few make it to lasting stardom. Some are more than just talented but, gifted and additionally possess the charisma, the wit and the art to perform and the ability to please an audience. We have discovered such talents for nowadays youth, the current generation of Trad/Ballad lovers.

Listen to a sample of their single

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