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Report: Turnhout, Belgium, July 8, 2006 (2)

Here's the second part of Ria's review:

The Dubliners performed between 22:00-23:30 (without a break). The Turnhout public was a mixture of all ages but it particulary struck me that there were more young people, in comparison to the concert-hall public. There was a lot of variety in the program. Sean sang a beautiful ballad in Gaelic and to my delight the "Rocky Road to Dublin", which I hadn't heard life for a very long time! It was splendid. So were Patsy's "Rare Ould Times", (a marvellous song, that is quite accessible to be sung by a not native English speaking public) - "Poor Paddy on the Railway" with an amusing part of acting by Patsy. Barney sings his well known "I wish I had some one to love me" so convincingly, that some ladies feel like giving him a big hug. John got a lot of applause for his own composition "The Marino Waltz" and as always Barney, Eamonn and John created an exciting atmosphere with several reels and dance-music. As I was standing at only 4 meters distance from the platform, Eamonn's masterly skill on the guitar was even more striking! It was very much appreciated by the audience.
In contrast to the possibilities for a public in comfortable red velvet seets, during an open air concert one can move (even dance a little bit), wave, sing and shout as loudly as he feels like. That is why true Dubliners' fans keep on going for ever to their concerts: singing and clapping together with them is so much fun!!

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