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Report: Dubs At Kersouwe, July 7, 2006 (1)

Mirjam Adriaans provides the article, Ronald Rietman the images, and the result is a lively description of the July 7 open air gig in Heeswijk-Dinther, Netherlands, published by Folkforum Netherlands. Please be sure to read the full article (note that it is in Dutch) as well as enjoy the series of photos at the Folkforum website. Courtesy of Ronald Rietman, we can provide you with an excerpt of the review and a picture!

Saturday evening the group played the nature theatre Kersouwe in Heeswijk-Dinther. The Kersouwe lies in sumptuous surroundings. There is a small theatre and large, and in that last played The Dubliners. It had been filled to the brim, so much that the organizers had asked publicly that the audience should move together in order to host all of the crowd. [...] Patsy has been part of The Dubliners since previous year and that has had also influence on the repertoire. Thus he sings The Ferryman and his old hit Dublin In The Rare Auld Times, and a tribute to the most famous member ever of The Dubliners, Luke Kelly. Two numbers for and concerning him: The Dublin Minstrel and Paddy Works On The Railway. [...] After his broken hip of a couple year ago, Barney walks with difficulty, but he uses the banjo with liveliness, and also Eamonn Campbell works his way enthusiastically across the stage.[...] In the second set brought the well-known classics, such as South Australia, Finnegan's Wake, The Rocky Road To Dublin and The Leaving of Liverpool. These are mostly sung along by the crowd, which turns the evening into a party.

Full review at Folkforum Netherlands!

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