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Report: Turnhout, Belgium, July 8, 2006 (4)

As promised, we continue with the second part of Inge Sneyer's report:

In the meanwhile, during the Cluricauns performance, the big marketplace was completely filled with enthusiastic fans. And finally happened what we had all been waiting for, The Dubliners entering the stage! With songs like The Black Velvet Band, Whiskey In The Jar, Dirty Old Town, ... Barney, John, Sean, Patsy and Eamonn had the public directly in their hands. Barney is the best banjoplayer in the world. John playing the violin and whistle. Sean with his beautiful singing voice. Patsy singing about his beer and tobacco All For Me Grog. And Eamonn doing magic on his guitar. For me, the higlight of the evening was of course Barney saying 'I'm going to sing this song for a nice flemish girl and her mom'. It was just heartrending, Barney singing this wonderful song, after a while everybody started to sing along with Barney, it was Wow, breathtaking. It was a perfect evening with a perfect performance.
After the 'We want more...' from the fans, The Dubs ended their concert with The Wild Rover and Molly Malone, songs very well known by the Belgium public. I'm convinced that not all listeners Saturday knew who The Dubliners were, of course everybody knows songs like The Wild Rover, but now they can all put faces to the performers. I'm sure that The Dubliners have welcomed a lot of new fans during their Open Air Concert at Turnhout.
The local papers named the appearance on stage of 'the oldies' a huge succes. Hopefully they will be back next year, because The Dubs are simply THE BEST!

We conclude our Turnhout series with the note that Patsy himself enjoyed both gigs very much; he thought the audience on both days was brilliant and he was very impressed with the Open Air in Belgium and said: 'In front of 18.000 enthusiastic people, it was one of the most thrilling times I ever was on stage and one of the most exciting gigs I ever performed in.'

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