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Vicar Street Gig: Traci Watchorn Reports

Traci Watchorn, the youngest of the most famous daughter triumvirate in the whole wide wordld attended the Vicar Street gig last Saturday and forwarded a brilliant review and reveals the secret that there will be a new DVD by The Dubliners soon:

Well what a night……!! I was really looking forward to seeing my dad last night, as he has been quite a busy bee over the last few months!! Well it was worth the wait… John Sheehan described my Dad as a second hand model with mileage but in good shape!! Well of course I agree and I think the people in Vicar St last night would second that!! It was a great show and from reading the comments over the last few months about the Dubliners tour I know exactly what they are talking about!! They are all legends in their own right.. As for Barney how cool is he.. ?? The screams he got last night would make a Westlife concert sound like Sunday Mass - poor little Nicky would be shaking in his white pointy shoes!! The crowds that attended the show last night were all ages and it shows what an impact The Dubliners have on everyone.. Old and young sang along to all the hits the Dubs have put under their belts over the last 44 years!! The DVD they were filming last night is going to be a huge hit as my Dad kept on saying the CRAIC is great and it certainly was!! I had a super night and I’m already looking forward to the next show..!! PS: I was very impressed with my Dad’s trendy pink shirt!! Very nice.. woo hoo!!

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