[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Back From Ireland

Your webmaster arrived safely back after joining the Irish tour of the lads for their final two gigs in Killarney and Cork. The travel alone was an experience as it was Gaelic sports quarter- and semi-finals weekend and the train stations were full of fans in their red or green-and-yellow and other jerseys. And I travelled down to Killarney with a bunch of merry folks from Donnycarney. On the way back we passed through Fermoy (didn't see any lassies, I have to admit). Both nights went very well, the boys were receiving standing ovations; the gig at the Cork Opera House was especially rewarding. Have met with very nice people and I want to send greetings to Dan Cullen and his family, John Lynch, Susan, (and of course Archie), Debra Summers from the US (fulfilling a lifelong dream in coming to the show) and Carsten Jahnke, German tour promoter and friend for decades, with his wife. On the staff part, it was great to meet Brian Hand, Pat O'Brien and son and David Bookles. Last but not least there were Harriet and her sister as well as charming Mary Sheahan. The Dubliners themselves want to thank the wonderful audiences and the efficient and friendly staff at the venues. Watch out for more from these gigs soon here in the news!

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