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Killarney, August 5: Pre-Gig Craic

Prior to the gig at the INEC in Killarney, the Dubs were in for a pleasant surprise:

Their long-time friend Karsten Jahnke, who is organizing their German tours for ages, dropped in at the INEC (Irish National Entertainment Centre) in Killarny on Saturday, August 5th; with him was his charming wife.

They enjoyed a long and happy chat before the gig, and - you guessed it - sat down after the show for a pint or two, exchanging memories of tours gone by and looking ahead on upcoming shows!

It was nice to meet him and they look forward seeing him again at the German tour 2006 (November 18th to December 2nd)!

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The two pictures here were added to our new Dubliners photo gallery Meeting The Fans where we have more fresh shots for your enjoyment!

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