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Report: Vicar Street, July 23, 2006 (1)

Inge Sneyer from Belgium sent us a long and lovely report and series of nice photographs from Vicar Street, so we reward all our guests with news and pictures of the 23 July gig (come back next week for more!):

After attending the Open air concert in our hometown Turnhout two weeks ago, we went to see The Dubliners perform in their hometown Dublin. Vicar Street was filled with people. When the lights went out suddenly Jim McCann appeared on the stage to introduce The Dubliners. It was really a big surprise to see him. At that time, we didn't know that the evening was going to be full of surprises. With songs as "Whiskey in the Jar", "All for me grog", "Black Velvet Band", "Home boys home", "The Ferryman", The Dubs again did what they do best, perform and making sure that everybody has a great time, singing along with the guys. With "The pool song", Seán had everybody laughing out loud. It was really funny.

Our dubs2006 gallery has another new Vicar Street shot of Barney and John performing!

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