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Report: Vicar Street, July 23, 2006 (2)

We continue with Inge's report, along with a picture of John with his daughter Ceoladh! Be back soon for the last part!

When John mentioned that a lot of Luke Kelly's family was present and that he was going to read a poem he specially wrote for Luke as a tribute, it went quiet in the crowd, you could almost hear a pin drop. After the poem, Patsy began to sing "The Dublin Minstrel", really touching. After the break, John had a next surprise, he asked for his daughter to come on stage and they both performed the "Marino Waltz", a real father-daughter moment. You could read from their faces how much they enjoyed to perform together. With "Fiddler's green", a very well known Irish song, it was almost the end of an unforgettable concert. After the well known 'We want more' and 'Barney! Barney! Barney!', The Dubliners returned 4 times and kept on singing. No one wanted the evening to end. But during one of their returns John mentioned that 'Rik (my dad) came to the concert with his family and that it was his 60th birthday' (It was a birthday gift for my dad from us (his children), to see The Dubliners perform in Dublin) and they sang "Molly Malone" especially for him. It was overwhelming. The six of us, we stood up and started singing along with The Dubliners.

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