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Report: Vicar Street, July 23, 2006 (3)

We conclude our Vicar Street series by informing you what went on when Inge's dad, pictured here with Eamonn, went backstage - Inge & family took him Dublin for his 60th birthday, so Happy B-day!

After the concert we also had the opportunity to go to the back stage bar and meet The Dubliners in person. They are really kind people. When Barney started to sing "South Australia", my dad sang the chorus along. After that, another guy and my dad started to sing the beautiful song "Grace". A nice quote is that even the other guy thought my dad was Irish too, because he knew the lines of the song that well :-). But the thing that is going to make sure that everyone who attended the concert can have a nice thing to remember it by, is that the concert was recorded for the new Dubliners DVD. And that surely is an item we'd like to have to complete our 'Dubliner' collection! Again: Thanks to The Dubliners for bringing so much joy into our lives!"

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