[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Report: Cork, August 6, 2006

Following Killarney, the Dubliners travelled to beautiful Cork City to play the Opera House. In front of over 1.000 people, they were pulling out all the stops - singing, joking, rocking - as our shot of Patsy proves.
The audience loved every minute, from the silent moments of I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me to the touching The Dublin Minstrel, from fantastic instrumentals to light-hearted ditties like I'll Tell Me Ma. Even the own crew stopped and watched the show mesmerized.

Saying all this, the Dubliners want to thank their Irish audiences during their short tours in July and August - it was heartwarming to play the homegrounds again.

And the rest of Europe better get prepared for the fall tours!

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