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Report: Vienna, Sept. 8, 2006

We added a gorgeous shot from the Dubs last gig in Vienna (Sept. 8) to the gallery today.

It showcases Patsy interacting with the audience. I have forgotten if it was Paddy On The Railway or Finnegan's Wake, but it was one of the songs where the band watches closely the folks to see if they clap along correctly - or stop at the right moment.

Too often, someone misses the right moment to stop and then Patsy starts to dart playful glances at the crowd which is squeaking with delight.
The rebuke from the band always is good-natured and humorous, like Patsy told one lady some night: "You're out lady, but we'll let you in again!" or when he requires the audience to pay the band a drink for any faulty clap (being Irish or not, the lads would be dreadfully plastered if the crowd actually would stand them those drinks...)

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