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Report: Gars, Sept. 3 & Vienna, Sept. 5

Karl Zouhar sent us a series of photographs from as well as comments about the Austrian tour; be sure to check our gallery for two more pics. Here's what he wrote:

As expected, the events with the Dubliners in Gars/Kamp and at the Wiener Metropol were excellent. At the Metropol, which the Dubliner are very familar with, we experienced once again a stirring performance "from friends for friends" - a delight within a wonderful atmosphere for all present! The familiarness between the artists and the audience filled the room markedly. Everything was a-okay at the castle ruin in Gars/Kamp too, where the Dubliners appeared for the first time. (Band, crowd, weather, Künstler, Publikum, Wetter, surroundings). As the faces of the Dubliners displayed many a smile and the joy of performing quite often, we surely hope to see them at Gars next year again!

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