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Karsten Jahnke Interviewed

Karsten Jahnke, tour promoter and above all good friend of the band for nearly 40 years, was featured prominently in the "Hamburger Abendblatt". The newspaper had a good long interview with Karsten on September 15. You can read the full interview in German at the Abendblatt website. Logically, the Dubliners were discussed as well and that's what he said:

I've heard the Dublinders for the first time at the end of the sixties. Luke Kelly was the best folk singer of all times. I still remember the first concert at the Musikhalle. The atmosphere was incredible. It was bubbling. And then he sings the song of the moor soldiers, The Peat Bog Soldiers. And like someone said "Stopp" it was stock-still. The man had a stage presence... incredible. That's how my enthusiasm started.

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