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Barney McKenna At Banjo Festival

The 'infamous Carter Brothers', as they call themselves, are musical heavyweights in the folk world, performing (another quote from their laid back website) their "groovinappalacianfolkrockfunkedupblue- grassgypsyblues" music; they are blood relatives of The Carter Family and have some grammy award winners in their midst. Recently, they played the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival where they met Barney who appeared there too. They say a lot of nice things about our Barney on their website of which we quote a few words below:

Barney McKenna is an Irish and world reknowned music legend and treasure. A co-founding member of the world famous band "The Dubliners" in 1962 his performance on Sunday night was was nothing short of stunning. His rockin' tenor banjo instrumentals and almost unbelievably emotional vocal performance on some well known old Irish ballads left most of us in tears of joy and disbelief...we were in total awe.

Thanks to Carsten from Münster who pointed this out to us!

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