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Report: Breda, October 1, 2006

The Chassé Theater in Breda (Netherlands) was the second stop on the Dutch tour and the Peter & Barbara, loyal fans who sent in news last year as well, were there too, crossing the border from Germany. We received a picture and the following report - thank you very much, and here we go:

It was like meeting good old friends!
The performance as easy and brilliant as ever. The wonderful mixture between vivid songs, jigs and reels and airs. Excellent instrumental pieces as well as touching tributes to Luke and Ciaran. Enough space for Michael Howard to get into the gig but never forgetting Eamonn and wishing him well from the crowd! And as great final the „Dublin Anthem“ Molly Malone, sung by the Dubs and what must have been 2000 in the audience (at least) as choir – again another unforgettable night! Barney, John, Sean, Patsy and Michael, you did a great job! Our best wishes to Eamonn for good progress in recovering. We’ve been missing you!
Very special thanks to you lads for waving us Goodbye when leaving the Theatre on the bus long after the show!! Please take good care of yourselves. We’re looking forward to see you in Frankfurt! Barbara and Peter, Euskirchen (Germany)

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