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Dutch 2006 Tour Going On Nicely

The Dutch tour obviously is going very well (not that we're really surprised). The guestbook at the Dutch fan site contains a series of entries about the first few gigs; while we point you to the Dutch website for the complete comments (in Dutch, mind you), we want to give you a brief summary about what's written there.
Mary from Amstelveen righfully asks "Why is it that you never can't sit still at a Dubliners concert?", while Paul especially remembered I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me from the Breda gig which he found splendid - yet he commented that Molly Malone at the end of the night is an insult to the audience. That sparked a lively and amusing discussion, so if your Dutch is good enough, don't miss the full guestbook. Lucas Westerhof bowed down before Barney for the first gig in Steenwijk, saying he was magificent. Interestingly enough, there are quite a few voices asking for Raglan Road, The Town I Loved So Well, A Nation Once Again and rebel songs in general. There are get well wishes for Eamonn too. Kees Mol sums it up for everybody when writing about the Steenwijk gig: "It was wonderful seeing and hearing the boys again!"

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