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More Dutch Tour Comments

Today we serve the international fans with more translations from the guestbook of the Dubliners fan website of the Netherlands, but we invite everybody able to read Dutch to visit their very nice site to read the comments in full.
Hanneke, attending the gig with her two sons and seeing the band for the first time with Patsy, aknowledged that she sucessfully habituated to Patsy. For Gerrit, Barney was the man of the evening, and Elly commented about the Oct 2nd gig in Amsterdam that Barney was in fine form. Wim wrote about Steenwijk (30th Sept) that it was just terrific and that he wants to add to all the nice words about Barney, that both Seán and Patsy looked and appeared in top form as well. HaPé explained about the Oct 4th gig in Rotterdam, that a Dubs gig always is a family affair and that he is supporting the band for 32 years; he was especially touched that Patsy performed a few Luke Kelly songs HaPé had not heard in 20 years, and he went on explaining: "With his voice situated between the warm voice of Paddy and the raw voice of Luke, he certainly is a great addition to the band."

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