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Website Update: Links

Website update time! We finally have reworked the Links section and added a Dubliners section. There you find a few nice sites to explore. We especially recommend to visit Gerry O'Connor, who has a message right at his frontpage talking about the time he played with the Dubliners:

Towards the end of '05 I got a call from The Dubliners to stand in for Irish banjo legend Barney McKenna for a European tour. Barney was ill at the time and he personally requested that I do the tour. It was great crack and I'm glad to report that Barney is back to his witty self again thank God, and playing better than ever.

In addition, Gerry has a very nice gallery with shots of the Dubliners in Vienna in September 2005 online so you should visit him right now!
Gerry O'Connor Website

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