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Report From Dudley, UK - 4th Nov 2006

Here's what our own Graham Pallot reports:
So the England tour draws to a close and I made my way to Dudley Concert Hall. This was my 50th Dubs gig over the last 40 years, but the first time Iíve seen Patsy Ė and it was simply the best show Iíve seen for many many years. The whole group seem totally rejuvenated, and there is a freshness to the performances that bands decades younger could learn from. The repertoire might not be new, but what the hell Ö. although Michael Howard standing in for Eamonn at short notice brought his own extra dimension to the show.
Patsy as a Dubliner is new to English audiences but won this crowd over right from the start, and things got better as the evening went on. Sean has a new spring to his step, and seems to be singing with more feeling than ever, and the instrumentals remain unsurpassed, whether traditional reels, Johnís own compositions or the classical tunes. The show lasted over two and a half hours, and the friendship and hospitality of the boys afterwards was something my wife and our friends will not forget.
After 50 gigs, I canít wait for my 51st.
NotF: Eamo was on tour in the UK but had to leave early due to family reasons

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