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Braunschweig, 22nd Nov 2006: Fiddle Session

Annette from Winnigstedt reports about the Braunschweig show and what happened before when she and Andreas took John and Seán to a violin workshop - but read yourself:

Before the Braunschweig concert last year in Braunschweig I organized a visit for Seán in the famous violin workshop of Elfi Rautmann and her companion in life, Joseph, because I knew that Seán collects violins.
Unfortunately, we had failed to ask John at that time whether he wanted to come with us as well.
We have made this up this year. The enthusiasm was visibly great on both sides... John's fiddle also could be repaired provisionally. A rip in the corpus was glued so well that one could hear the difference at the concert.
Seán and John played to the joy of everyone until the departure forced by the lack of time.
John found apparently big pleasure in a fiddle, although it is small but has a very firm voice...
The description of the audience which left after the concert was: "This was the best concert of THE DUBLINERS in Braunschweig for years!"
This I could hear while going through the foyer after the show. Also Andreas & me, we found all concerts excellent in the last time. We have seen a very homogeneous band. Carries on that way!... It's too late to stop the tour...

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