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Malvern, UK, Flashback - 5th November 2006

While we didn't receive any photographs for this gig, we came across an article by Robert Hale for the Malvern Gazette, where he interviewed the lads a few days before the final show of the UK tour. Follow this link to the article. Amusingly enough, Robert Hale called them "no spring chickens" and we can't argue with that. Additionally, there is talk going on at the City Banter Board where one fellow Niels reports:

I went to see the Dubliners on Sunday. Who should be sitting directly behind me but our own Colin Layland and his lovely, and vegan, wife Margaret. Colin nearly blew my ears off with his racous singing. Just don't tell Colin that I went to the aftershow party, or he will be jealous and never speak to me again. All people who hanker after immigration to Dublin are contractually obliged to see the Dubliners if they are appearing within a 50 mile radius. I will be contacting the Irish immigration department about this.

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