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10,000 Man For PeacF: Dubs At Ten Vrede 2007

The Belgian Nieuwsbald has several short articles about last Saturday's gig at Ten Vrede online. Titled "10,000 Man For Peace", Mark of Maes wrotF:

Almost everyone who was Saturday on the festival in Diksmuide, came for the Dubliners. People of middle age but - remarkably - also very many young people. The second festival day lured eventually about 10,000 people.

In another news item, Sam from Diksmuide and the girls he brought with him are quoted saying, "We came especially for the Dubliners. Fantastic!". Something similar strike Raymond (60) and Francine (59) from Ieperse, who commented "Fantastic group, enormous! Especially for them we have come."

Be sure to read all the Nieuwsblad articles at all the Nieuwsbald articles. The photograph is Tijdingen, Oostende and taken from the Ten Vrede website; more pics are expected there soon so visit them again in a few days! You may also discuss the Ten Vrede gig at our forum!

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