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Viborg Review Translation

We reported about the Viborg Folkeblad in our May 3 news, but thanks to M.Fischer from Aalborg, we have a translation of it now and it goes as follows:

Dubliners when they are the best. By HENNING JUST. The legendary The Dubliners, who in 5 years time can celebrate their 50 years anniversary, gave the audience a great concert experience.
30th April 2007
Viborg: Standing applause more times during the nearly 2 hours long concert and 2 times extra songs before the audience let the legendary The Dubliners (the grand parents of Folk Music) leave the nearly full Tinghallen.
Although both the beard and the hair of the 5 old gentlemen is gray or white and a couple of the band members are nearly 70 years old the Concert showed that they are not over the top - although they have been 45 years on the road. On the contrary you could see both new aspects and returning to the roots from the members who have had a revival with Patsy Watchorn as a new member.
The same Watchorn took over from Paddy Reilly as lead singer last year - and he does it well. Not only is he a better singer than Reilly - his voice also complements the voice of the other lead singer Sean Cannon. And on his Banjo he complements The Old Man of the Band, Barney McKenna, who as the only member of the band has been a member since they gave their first concert in 1962 at the Pub O'Donoghues in Dublin."

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