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Friday the 13th: Turnhoutse Vrijdagen

The lads were invited back to Turnhout and Ria was there to report (and enjoy). It was a great night (and we mean that literally as showtime was 22:15) - we got pics, we got a review, so if you wanna find out about the photographs below (The Dubliners with Turnhout mayor Marcel Hendrickx © Turnhoutse Vrijdagen), click here to read the full report!

When Barney said: “When you feel like dancing, don’t”, we were even more temped to dance, but hardly could because the place was crowded with people. Fortunately there was Patsy showing us from time to time, some fine Irish dancing on the tunes of the irresistible reels played by Barney, John and Eamonn.

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