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Sommerfest Strauben, June 9th 2007

Time to catch up on the summer festival gig in Norway on June 9th 2007! Per Jappee sent in wonderful pictures as well as sharing a few memories:

The gig in Bergen, Norway, took place in a big circus tent. They had earlier on visited the fantastic old fashioned sailing ship Christian Radich. So the captain of the ship - Mark, was invited up on stage, and shared lead vocals with Barney on "South Australia". The boys hung around backstage, and watched a group of young Irish dancers do a great, Riverdance influenced performances. After that followed a Norwegian country-rock group called "Hellbillies" who got themselves two new fans in Eamonn and Patsy. Then we went back to the hotel and found the bar. We there found a big group of locals who had been out celebrating a 50 anniv. since they graduated from trade school. So one of those gentlemen plus Barney and Sean did the entertaining - we even had the rare pleasure of hearing Barney playing a bit of piano.

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