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Jameson Party

Such a night! Once more we report about Sunday, 16th September 2007, and from our previous news you can imagine by now that it was marvelous from start to end. The end, of course, spelled P-a-r-t-y, and Catriona Ryan from Ireland made sure that it was celebrated in style and true to Irish tradition. A whole lot of Irish friends (including the current Kilkenny Rose 2007) accompanied her that night and showed (see photo in gallery) the Austrians how to celebrate the craic (well, and these ain't no weenies either when it comes to having a good time). Catriona, Jameson Irish Whiskey Ambassador (Pernod Ricard Austria), set up a fabulous Whiskey bar (see last 16th Sept. pic), was buzzing around the room and did a convincing job of establishing good old Jameson as the mother of all drinks. So, before you visit our 2007 gallery, hopefully with a drop of the hard stuff in your hands, let us introduce five of the stars backstage that night: Patsy, John, Mr. Jameson, Catriona and Sean. Slainte!

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