[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Kiel Again!

Tilman of The Folk Consortium sent us a whole lotta pics and a handful notes about the concert on 29th November 2007 in Kiel. Please check our our gallery for the photographs and read below what he told us abut the gig - thx Tilman!

The Kiel gig is ingeniously great. It's very special to sit front row as the stage only is about 30cm (ca. 12inch), right opposite the lads, not much different from having a session in a living room. It was a terrific birthday concert: In the second set, John congratulated the birthday boys Sean und Eamonn, Patsy, along with the audience, sang "Happy Birthday". Sean quipped that there is a song fitting to the occasion and promptly sang "Young Maids Never Wed an Old Man". Barney performed his incomparable "Fiddlers Green", John and Eamonn celebrated "Hens March to the Midden", all songs of our wish list were performed, wonderful!

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