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Odense, Denmark - 27 April 2008

Our man Per Jappée from Norway hopped over to Denmark and attended the Odense gig on 27th April 2008. Here are a few comments from his mail to us:

I met Seán at a café and we awaited Gerhard Braas to come up from Germany. Then we went around to have a look at the H.C.Andersen museum and his home. [...] Patsy sang "The Ould Triangle" which I thanked him for afterwards. That was great. I said I would be 100% pleased if he started to do Peggy Gordon. [...] John has been playing on a record by a duo Jane & Shane (she's English -he's Irish) who lives in Denmark. So they came to see him backstage. [...]

Visit our 2008 gallery for more pictures taken by Per - and please note that your webmaster seconds his quote about Peggy Gordon! :)

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