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The Dubliners at Vicar Street 30 Dec 2008

Barbara & Peter flew up to Dublin to attend the 30 December 2008 gig at Vicar Street. Overwhelmed by the gig, they don't find the words to put down a review - something I experienced myself before: How do you do justice to such an unique experience and yet avoid going hopelessly overboard?

If the world crashes, there’ll be cockroaches, Cliff Richard and … these gentlemen! declared Jim McCann in his introduction of The Dubliners at their last 2008 concert in Vicar Street, Dublin. There have been so many wonderful reports on this forum about the various concerts of the group throughout the past year, we decided to let the photos speak for themselves of a relaxed yet powerful evening in The Dubliners' home town. Enjoy!

So they delivered a series of 14 excellent shots of the show, so please click here to watch 'em all!

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