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Liberty hall charity: From Dublin to Norway

varden.no logoPer Jappée from Norway keeps us informed what's going on in Ireland: There is an article on a Norwegian website dealing with the charity gig that took place on 30 July in Dublin. The reason is that Torgeir Straand played there as well and shared the stage with the lads - here's a quote from the article:

"It's fun to play with one of the great legends of the world", says Torgeir Straand. And now the Dubliners wants him with them on other concerts too.
Last week Torgeir Straand brought his hardangerfiddle with him to Dublin for to participate in a charityconcert together with the folk band The Dubliners.
"We played both Irish and Norwegian music together. They played on 'Brudemarsj fra Seljord' (Weddingmarch from Seljord) with me, and I played on Irish reels", Says Straand.

There are a few photographs online as well, so please follow the link below!
varden.no article about Liberty hall

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