[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Colm from Ireland: Frequent flyer to Vienna

I know you are dying to see the new shots from Vienna (come back tomorrow), but let's open the festival of Austrian pictures with a special request: This request was made, as you can guess, by the band, who wants to have the spotlight on Colm for a moment to say that year after year, Colm is flying in loyally to Vienna, never missing a single gig or even a minute of it. There are countless of fans out there and the lads are overwhelmed by the ever-lasting loyalty they experience. Since it is absolutely impossible to present all of you in this place, now and then one fan is selected substitutionally, you might say, to emphasize how much the Dubliners appreciate the continued support of each and everyone of you! That said, here's Colm!

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