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Taunusstein, Germany 2009

The Dubliners live in Taunusstein, © RMB/Wolfgang KühnerOn 30 October 2009 the lads played at the Folk Club in Taunusstein. This is, note that, not your usual venue, but run with much love and enthusiasm by the folk club. There are two almost identical articles online by Hendrik Jung which are a refreshing change from the usual concert reviews: There are quite a few nice details about the work required to keep such an evening running and they seem do it well as the boys returned for the 5th time already! The report tells about taking care of the lads backstage, about keeping the Guinness flowing, about selling tickets and more, all with volunteers; and, of course, about the gig. If you can read German, then you're in for a nice few minutes. Follow the links below:
Wiesbadener Kurier
Wiesbadener Tagblatt
We'd like to thank Carsten Raabe & Gerhard Braas for the links!

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