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Kiel, Germany 2009

The Dubliners live in Kiel 20091201 © SchallerThe Kieler Nachrichten (and most other papers in the Schleswig-Holstein region, makes you kinda think) featured a wonderful, sentimental article by Carsten Purfürst about the 1 December 2009 gig in Kiel. It was published both online and in the print version. The piece is in German, but here's a quote:

The show that lasts a good two and a half hours is off with an almost unspectacular start and spiced with photo and video displays commemorating the late fellows Ronnie Drew, Ciaran Bourke and – foremost of all – Luke Kelly. When Luke Kelly’s voice in dimmed light recites his poem For what died the sons of Roísín the audience hold their breath like 30 years ago when the tape was recorded. Another great moment sees the “real” band playing synchronous to the video of Maid When You’re Young Never Wed An Old Man from a concert in the 70ies. John Sheahan’s virtuousity on flute and fiddle is undaunted, Sean Cannon like a young god sings old hits like Black Velvet Band and The Wild Rover, Patsy Watchorn’s voice is brilliant in The Town I Loved So Well and Eamon Campbell keeps it up all the way on the solo guitar.

If you can read German, the full report can be found here!
We thank Gerhard Braas the link and reprint, and Barbara & Peter for the translation.

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