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Drammen: Killer concert, sensational shot

Lads and lassies here comes one of the best Dubliners live shots ever taken: Sent in by Kari and taken by Anders Herfoss at the Drammen gig, this one captures the magic of a Dubs gig perfectly. Now I hear you photo-pro's talking about tech stuff like focus and all that jazz, but lean back and enjoy that shot, breathtakingly displaying the magic and dynamics of a Dubliners gig. Kari noted, "1200 people on 2 floors, fantastic atmosphere!" There is a review on www.dt.no that wasn't too enthusiastic, telling that "Poor sound ruined it for the Dubliners", but our man from Norway, Per, informs us: "This is as far from the truth as it can get. This was a killer concert, and probably the best audience I`ve experienced." The program included among many others: "The Ferryman", "When The Boys Come Rolling Home", "Black Velvet Band", "The Spanish Lady," "Finnegan's Wake", "Dirty Old Town" and "Norwegian Wedding March". For ye Norwegians, there is a brief interview at www.dt.no as well, and for everyone a picture gallery as well. And last but not least our own gallery features two more original snapshots by Per. For a larger version of the picture, click here! Thanks Andres & Kari!

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