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Donauinselfest management update

No one else but Milica Theessink, bringing the boys to Autria for full 30 years now, took the time to take a few quick pictures at the Donauinselfest (Danube Isle Festival) last weekend, where the boys played Sunday, 27 June. The main stage attracted over 100.000 folks and The Dubliners offered a well-proven one-hour program. "It was terrific to play such a huge crowd," Patsy simply expressed, "there's not much more you need to say when entertaining 100.000." Milica, equally concise, added: "It was a sensational gig!" Check the gallery with live shots, backstage, soundcheck, interviews, posing with other stars, via the link below - in case you do not find enough pics of your favourite Dubliner there, stay with us a few more days as we are getting more pictures in shortly!

2010 Donauinselfest gallery

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