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German tour opening Bielefeld

The Dubliners began their German tour 2010 on 29 October in Bielefeld at the Ringlokschuppen, a former rail engine shed. As you all know, Patsy has to skip the German tour this time around, but he sends his regards to all of you: "I really miss performing for you - and I'll be back!" Al O'Donnell is standing in for Patsy. From the first German tour night, we have a handful of great shots by Barbara & Peter in our 2010 gallery. Additionally, we have two quotes from the press:
The Westfalen-Blatt had a review by Thomas Albertsen, saying among other things:

And even though every year begs the question of whether the Dubliners will present something completely new, the programme always remains – apart from the one or other change in lineup – a grandiose mix of melancholic ballads and happy drinking songs of celtic tradition. The rowdy journeymen of old, who like to call themselves the oldest boygroup in the world, have become more gentle though in recent years and today do not shy away from including some love songs in their act.

For the Neue Westfälische, Johannes Vetter wrote:

As Father Christmas reappears every year, so do the Dubliners at ‘Ringlokschuppen’[...]One highlight in the two-hour plus programme are the solos of Barney McKenna who is considered by many as the best banjo player from Ireland – ever. The 70-year old is no longer very mobile on his feet but still is a virtuous performer, who with the tempo of a youngster races an instrument that was pretty much considered extinct before his appeareance in the folk heaven of Ireland.[...]This event was a High Mass of folk.

We'd like to thank Barbara & Peter who sent in the pictures, Helmut from Osnabrueck who supplied the newspaper article and Peter who did the translation!

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