[Personal message from Patsy to all his fans and friends]


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Message from Patsy

The man himself is sending a note about his latest project with news all his fans were waiting for ever since the "Irish Rebel Heroes" album:

Its been a while since I have been in the recording studio, in fact the last album I recorded was way back in 2004 [Note: Irish Rebel Heroes was released November 2004].
But I am delighted to announce that I was in the recording studios the first week of August to record my own new album with some fantastic musicians.
Don't want to say too much right now - still I can let you know that we selected and recorded brand-new versions of my old hits; it was about time to re-record these properly; also, we did a handful of the great classic folk ballads. Watch this pace for more information coming up!

Photograph taken by Stace Gill, Trend Studios Live, Dublin, August 2011

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