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Merzig, Germany 2011

Patsy signing his new album NOWThis report about the 4 November 2011 gig in Merzig, Germany, is the final review we publish in 2011. Enid penned once more a great review, and she (and Ria) supplied a handful of images as well. That's the perfect moment to thank the "fandom writers and photographers" for their never-tireing work. You saw us giving them credit throughout the year, you've seen the names of them all, and today we want to repeat and emphasize how appreciated their work us. So, lads and lassies of the Dubs fandom, take a bow!

And I couldn't resist of putting the very first picture (by Ria) of Patsy signing his new album NOW right here; there are of course more than a dozen additional images of the gig in the review.

All that said, don't forget the review: Click here to check it out!

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