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The Dubliners dedicate NCH gig to Barney

The Dubliners will play one of their toughest gigs ever: Tonight at the National Concert Hall in Dublin will be the very first appearance of the band without beloved Barney McKenna.

This is part of the NCH announcement (read it in full at www.nch.ie)

Irish folk group The Dubliners will go ahead with their planned concert at the National Concert Hall this Friday 13th April as part of the Dublin: One City, One Book celebrations, an initiative of Dublin City Libraries. The event, celebrating James Joyce’s book Dubliners, will now be dedicated to the memory of the late Barney McKenna. McKenna, one of the original members of The Dubliners, passed away last Thursday 5th April and was buried in his ancestral home in Trim, Co. Meath.

We would appreciate if anyone of you not attending the gig would share a moment with us in spirit tonight - for Barney.

Update 18 April 2012: The Independent reported about the abovementioned night - read it here. Thx, Enid!

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