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Royal Albert Hall 2012

It's a special article that is coming your way today. Enid and Renata penned a report about the Royal Albert Hall appearance back in March. You have to know that this report was finished and ready for release before Barney passed away. We tossed and turned about the publication of it for a while. Eventually, we decided that we publish it as it was written. Enid and Renata added a few words to explain why - in the end it boils down to one fact: Under the premise of delivering new content, reporting about current happenings in the Dubliners world, THIS is the very last time that we will report about the lads including Barney McKenna like we did for the past seven years, the last time we tell you how it is when they take the stage with Banjo Barney - so we did not want to miss anyone that last glimpse at a time we will never see again. Yours truly also begs for your understanding, that under these circumstances, our selection of photographs tends to display one certain member of the band very prominently this - and we repeat: for the last - time.

Royal Albert Hall, March 2012

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