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Denmark (April 2012) & France (May 2012)

We are entering a new age of The Dubliners with this news here today. After the sudden passing of Barney, the band decided to still fulfill all the expectations the loyal fanbase has, and to continue with the 50th anniversary celebrations. The celebrations are adapted to acknowledge Banjo Barney especially. Coming along with the band is Gerry O'Connor. This time, I don't want to say anything about Gerry but what Barney told me six or seven years ago about him: "He's my best pupil ever".
But I should not keep you from reading the new reviews we have for you, telling everything you want to know. We even deliver a "double feature" of two reviews, NykÝbing (April) and Paris (May). I'd like to thank our reporters for doing a work that is anything but easy - after all, these reviews are a labor of love and written by fans, not outsiders.

NykÝbing, Denmark (20 April 2012)
Paris, France (10 May 2012)

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